Khan's Island Sauce brings you the taste of the Caribbean!

About Us


My wife and I launched our now famous Khan's Island Sauce in 2001. My wife Sharon is from Trinidad which is located in the Caribbean. When I first met her some 27 years ago I had dinner with her family. Her dad had made some homemade hot sauce and had it on the table. It was awesome! I made the statement that "I need to market this someday." Several years went by and I began making it in our kitchen and bottling it. I shared it with friends and co-workers and everyone loved it. I told Sharon if we were going to get our sauce in stores we needed to find someone to manufacture it for us in large quantities. We met a gentleman while we were at a hot sauce convention in Albuquerque, N.M. He owns and operates a hot sauce manufacturing company in Palm Beach, Florida. We flew down and met with him and observed his operations. He made a batch of our sauce for us while we watched. When he was done he poured a spoonful onto the table for us to taste. WOW! It was right on the money. Our sauce has become a local favorite and it is distributed all across the U.S. We have won several Scovie Awards from Fiery Foods Magazine and we keep on growing. Everyone loves our now famous Khan's Island Sauce. If you haven't tried it you too can now have a taste of the Caribbean!

Great News!!

Khan's Island Sauce has just won another Scovie Award from Fiery Foods Magazine! We won first place in the habanero hot sauce division. We last won in 2005, 2004, and 2003. This is a huge honor to once again be recognized in the international world of hot sauces.

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Our goal is to provide a delicious hot sauce that everyone can enjoy and to provide excellent customer service. 




Khan's cream cheese dip

Take a block of cream cheese or more if you are having a party and microwave in a bowl until it gets soft. Chop up two green onions fine. Add the onions and Khan's Island Sauce to the cream cheese and stir it all up really good. The amount of Khan's you add depends on how hot you want it. This is a great dip for anything dippable. Enjoy!